Chauffeur's Choice is a USER FRIENDLY online booking and business management system designed by Chauffeurs - for Chauffeurs.  From booking to invoice and payment, Chauffeur's Choice will maximise efficiency, leaving you with more time to spend running or developing your business.


Make and amend bookings, assign drivers, create and EDIT invoices easily, online, and on the move.  Drivers have their own login to keep their availability and progress up to date.


Chauffeurs Choice also features a new NETWORK facility, which can give your company dominance in your area,  with reduced dead mileage and increased profits & flexibility, whilst only working with trusted associates to keep your customer base and hard earned reputation intact. 

By using the NETWORK facility with other subscribers, you can also increase your ability and capacity should you have excessive volumes of work, wish to develop your business and clientele base, or even cater for that lucrative new contract.


Why choose Chauffeur's Choice?


Save Time

Maximise your efficiency with many time saving elements.  Including Customers booking with Saved Places, Driver logins with displayed Driver Availability, easy Daybook work allocation, Comprehensive  Invoice Facility - including EDIT Invoice,  & many more features.


Considerably Reduce Chance of Error

An easy to use booking system with auto - email confirmation & notification of all bookings.  Payment and customer details are managed easily and efficiently, reducing room for error and making booking and managing trips very simple.


Increase Flexibility

The system is fully responsive, which means it works on all modern mobile and tablet devices, as well as desktop computers.  This means that you, your customers, and your drivers can access the system and bookings from anywhere.


Development & Support

Although the system already has many useful features we consider it an on going project.  Our aim is to develop it further based on popular feedback from you the customer, therefore delivering the ultimate platform for running your business.  We have an excellent I.T support team who are open to exploring new ideas and different options which may benefit our users.  Should any of our subscribers wish to add a specific feature which is designed & tailored to their company, this is also possible but subject to a cost and development time.  It may be possible for Chauffeurs Choice to offer you a reduced subscription should other users wish to benefit from using your requested feature, this will be assessed on an individual and progressive basis.

Tariffs & Charging


{Tariff 1 - £25.00 p/month}  Subscriber logins 3,  Customers UNLIMITED, Bookings UNLIMITED, Network NO (Tariff 1 NOT currently available) {Tariff 2 - £45.00 p/month} Subscriber logins 7,  Customers UNLIMITED,  Bookings UNLIMITED,  Network YES,{Tariff 3 - £65.00 p/month} Subscriber logins 12, Customers UNLIMITED, Bookings UNLIMITED, Network YES,  {Tariff 4 - £85.00 p/month}  Subscriber logins 100, Customers UNLIMITED, Bookings UNLIMITED, Network YES



If none of our tariffs are suitable for your requirements, please consider giving us a call and we may be able to tailor our system to your needs.

On subscribing you will be charged the subscription fee of choice for every month - or part there of.  For example, if you choose subscription 1 and subscribe on the 12th of the month, you will be charged £25.00 at the end of that month, then £25.00 at the end of every month for as long as you continue your subscription at that level.  No notice period is required by subscribers who wish to cease their subscription, no discount will be given should they cease using their system prior to the end of any month.  If your subscription remains live at the 1st day of the month you will be charged for that month.

Subscriber logins: This includes any combination of Administrators, Operators, or Drivers you choose, up to your subscription entitlement.  At least ONE Administrator is required.

Should you exceed your requested login requirements, your subscription will automatically increase to the next tariff with the additional charges being incurred that month e.g. - Tariff 1) £25.00 registers a 4th login user, an additional £20.00 will be charged at the end of that month, and put you on Tariff 2).  If at the start of the following month your requirement is the same, you will be charged £45.00 for that  months subscription.  If however your requirement reduces and you delete the 4th user, your monthly subscription fee will be reduced to the original £25.00.

All subscriptions require a Pay Pal account.

All Network transactions are charged on a Subscriber to Subscriber basis via Pay Pal

Chauffeurs Choice retains the right to review tariff charges on an individual basis if considered fare usage is exceeded.

Chauffeurs Choice Ltd is a vat free company.




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